Misfit Company 42

Misfit Company 42

About the bug heads

The bug heads are the fictional enemy in the book Misfit Company 42, found in parts I, and II of the book. The bug heads are mostly a very dumb creature, that are not very smart, but seem to be dangerous to humans in the books.

The bug heads are a simple creature from outer space. They look like monkeys that evolved badly, but with heads that are much bigger than a humans. They also have a total of four eyes, a very thick skin, and some kind of shell that makes them difficult to kill. At least, in the book.

The bug heads also have stingers that contain a nuro toxin fatal to humans. A stinger can be found on several places on a bug head. They have a stinger on each hand, on each foot, one in their mouth, and one on their back.

The bug heads play a major role in the book Misfit Company 42. That is mainly how the book starts off for setting the stage for the whole book and the events that follow to the conclusion of the book.

The bug heads are nuisance to the human world, and the main characters in the book all look forward to exterminating them if they can. Will they?

You should buy a copy of Misfit Company 42 and see how the main characters handle the problem and what is done to get rid of them. There will be some surprises for you, maybe you will be shocked about it.

Check out Misfit Company 42 and read the stories about how the bug heads try taking over, and who is behind the problems.

They are an ugly bug, that is better off being shown a short stay on planet earth. Really the sooner we can get rid of them, the better. They have mucked stuff up long enough.

Join Misfit Company 42 today to help rid the world of the Bug Heads and the enemies that are behind their attacks. If you seek adventure, and a real thrill, then Misfit Company 42 is for you.

You may find you belong with the Misfits of Company 42. Help rid the world of the bug heads and make life safe again for the human race.

Maybe you are more than human? Then you really belong with Company 42. Always looking for good misfits that want to kick some bug head butts back to the next galaxy.