Misfit Company 42


A Brief Explanation Of Misfit Company 42

There are a lot of problems in today’s society. Misfit Company 42 is a book that deals with some very serious topics. It explores sexuality and being open and honest. There are some key points to take away from reading this book.

A few of them, include what love isn’t, and a little of what love can be. Today’s world most people identify sex with love. That somehow sex is the end all be all in love. This simply just isn’t true. Today’s world is so damaged, that likely a large portion of people relate sex to abuse. Which isn’t true either.

Society today is stretched so thin, that most humans are emotionally starving to death. So any touch is thought of as love. However love is never controlling or manipulative. So just the presence of touch doesn’t really equate to being true love. It doesn’t work that way. Some people simply use others for their purposes of conquest, and pleasure.

There is also the subtle differences between something that is reckless behavior and what can be acceptable. In the books the main characters often drive extremely fast. They are however not reckless in their driving. They have the self control and self mastery to do what they do, and do so very well.

There are both examples of reckless behavior and what reckless behavior isn’t. For illustration purposes, this may be an example of what Misfits are. It is not an example of what should be the norm, nor what people should try.

It is examples of some pretty tough lessons. The idea behind Misfit Company 42 was to make soldiers of the people that were already men and women. This involves a certain amount of being hard inside, being tough, and having the strength to do something that is impossible. It’s not for everyone. This objective in the book was met. There are no wimps at the company.

But really there is something that can be learned from the examples in this book. Some of them about what love isn’t. The example of Alex and Amber are examples of what love could be.

This book also explores ones sexuality in ways that leave little room for doubt. When one is confused by situations that involve emotional starvation, and mere touch and sex being equated to love, it makes obvious that not all sex is really love. Some people miss these facts, or don’t understand them at all.

It’s sad that in today’s world, people don’t understand what love is, and isn’t. Love does not manipulate, control, or abuse others. It doesn’t seek to harm others. Ten years after having written this book, I can give a lot of examples of what love isn’t. Real love isn’t oppressive.

When exploring ones sexuality a person often goes through some things they like, and sometimes things that they don’t like. Really though, without knowing ahead of time what you like, then it’s difficult to know what makes sense.

When understanding that isolation and emotional starvation play a major part in equating touch and sex to love, most people are so starved for connection that they are hungry for any kind of affection, even if it isn’t good for them. Sometimes life is about what you won’t do. Not everything is good. Maybe those that read Misfit Company 42 will learn from the mistakes made, so they can recognize what love is when it comes to them.

- The Author